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Groente uit zee (Vegetables from the sea)

Item No.: 2008

Dutch cookbook by Lisette Kreischer with 50 VEGAN recipes using vegetables from the sea. 


"It is tasty, nutritious and good for the environment. Seaweed is the newest vegetable from the sea. This is only the beginning of a trend, because salty vegetables are becoming very popular.", states the seaweed (cooking) book Vegetable from the Sea for which Lisette Kreischer, co-founder of The Dutch Weed Burger, Marcel Schuttelaar and Koen van Swam of the Noordzeeboerderij Foundation, joined forces. Where do you buy seaweed? And how do you prepare it? In Vegetable from the Sea you read everything about seaweed. And you can get started with 50 delicious VEGAN recipes.

The North Sea Farm Foundation, which itself has a test farm on the North Sea for seaweed cultivation, describes the wonderful world of seaweed; growth, the species and composition. The origin and background of seaweed are made accessible to a wide audience in an extremely accessible manner. The reader learns that seaweed and algae are an important source of oxygen for our atmosphere. And that there are also forests underwater, called kelp forests. Seaweed is healthy, but you can also eat too much of it. The authors have tried where possible to distinguish between sense and nonsense about seaweed. With beautiful photography and interviews with the seaweed ambassadors.

The 50 vegetable recipes stimulate the senses. With wakame, dulse, Irish moss, salicornia and sea lavender passing by. Dutch exotics such as sea beetroot and ice herb also appear on the recipe list. Vegetables from the sea are new, exciting and a real experience. Lisette Kreischer tastefully shows how salty vegetables will become part of our daily menu, from algae smoothies to a festive seaweed chocolate cake.

The North Sea Farm Foundation works on sustainable seaweed cultivation at sea. Seaweed is a versatile and nutritious "crop". It can be grown without the use of land, fresh water or fertilizers. In the future, the foundation sees opportunities to develop sea farms above the Wadden Islands and off the North and South Holland coast with integrated activities with seaweed cultivation, fishing, shellfish farming, nature management and even energy production, preferably of course at wind farms. The foundation has set up the Seaweed Platform for this. Steps are being taken together with companies, knowledge institutions and governments to allow the seaweed cultivation chain to flourish in the Netherlands. The initiative was developed under the umbrella of the Hague consultancy Schuttelaar & Partners.

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