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Alcohol-free Sea Rose & Tonic gin 250 ml

Item No.: 2443

Non alcoholic Sea Rose & Tonic gin


Sea Arch is inspired by the sea on the south west coast of England. So it comes as no surprise that they have captured the taste of the sea with their botanicals. The sea kelp, juniper berries, cardamom, angelica, cucumber, grapefruit and blood orange provide a clear, fresh and lively taste. Each botanical is individually distilled, after which the alcohol is removed to leave a pure taste. SEA KELP Laminaria digita grows like a forest under the water. It gives Sea Arch that distinctive touch of the sea. Juniper Berries The typical taste of gin is provided by intense, dry, pine-like tasting juniper berries. CARDAMOM Complex, spicy cardamom has been transported across our seas since the Vikings. It brings out the citrus flavors. ANGELICA ROOT A little bitter and a little spicy. The angelica root provides the characteristic taste of Gin. CUCUMBER Fresh, tasty and fresh - a modest, yet important ingredient. PUMPKLE Like sunshine and happiness, grapefruit can surprise you. It is both sour and sweet, bold and soft. BLOOD ORANGE The joy of a deep, red orange. It smells and tastes like a touch of heaven, as exciting as a day at sea, as comforting as warm sand beneath your feet.

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Alcohol-free Sea Rose & Tonic gin 250 ml

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