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Chips with sea buckthorn and seaweed 110 g

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Chips of potatoes from the Wadden, fertilized with Dutch seaweed, with seaweed and sea buckthorn added.

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Potatoes from the Wadden area, fertilized with Dutch seaweed, are used for these chips with "Wadden character". Sea buckthorn and seaweed added to this result in a particularly original snack! Baked at a low temperature, which preserves the unique taste of the potatoes


Potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt, corn flour, tomato powder, seaweed, ginger powder, garlic powder, sea buckthorn powder, onion powder, concentrated lime juice powder, paprika powder, spinach powder, cayenne powder.

Packed under a protective atmosphere to keep the chips nice and crispy. Store in a cool dark place.




Energy (kj/kcal)   2005 / 480

Fats (g)               24.5

of which saturated fatty acids (g)   2.4

Carbohydrates (g) 54.9

of which sugars (g) , 0.6

Fiber (g) 4.9

Proteins (g) 7.5

Salt (g)   1.0

In these troubled times for agriculture, Henk Broekman takes the plunge and enters the market with a unique product; From the Wadden chips. Together with Marc van Rijsselberghe (Salt Farm Foundation), the founder and driver of saline cultivation in the Netherlands, we have succeeded in finding a potato variety that thrives on the increasingly saline soil. This potato grows extra well by fertilizing it with organically certified and land-grown seaweed from the Wadden Sea. The complete establishment of the “Van de Wadden” brand is part of the Zeker Zilt project and the “brinous” potatoes used in the chips are certified with the “Waddengoud united for Waddensea World Heritage” quality mark.

In the already existing, wide range of chips in supermarkets, fresh food stores and kiosks, “Van de Wadden” wants to market an innovative product with these chips that appeals to the general public. In addition to the salty chips, a market test for salty table potatoes and carrots from the Wadden region will be conducted in the coming period in the Zeker Zilt project under the brand “Van de Wadden”.

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Chips with sea buckthorn and seaweed 110 g

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