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Kelp noodels 340 g

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Sea Tangle kelp noodles: a fat and gluten free alternative to pasta or as a base for salad. Low in carbohydrates and calories.

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Sea Tangle kelp noodles are sea vegetables in the form of easy to eat noodles. With only kelp (a seaweed), sodium alginate (a sodium salt extract from brown seaweed) and water as ingredients, the kelp noodles are fat and gluten-free, low in carbohydrates and calories. Its shape and neutral taste makes it suitable for a wide range of applications: e.g. in salads, soups, stews, wok dishes, and as a substitute for pasta. Kelp noodles are a healthy source of trace elements, including iodine, calcium and iron. The texture completes Sea Tangle kelp noodles into a unique, healthy and tasty alternative to pasta and rice noodles. In addition, cooking is not necessary: ​​just rinse, add to a dish and eat tasty!

Sea Tangle kelp noodles are made by combining kelp powder and water in a giant mixer and pressing it into a noodle shape through special filters. In addition, a natural substance in the kelp, called sodium alginate, binds the kelp and water in a noodle form.

Ingredients: water, sodium alginate (extracted from brown seaweed), 30% kelp seaweed (saccharina japonica)

Origin: U.S.

Note: Unopened storage in the refrigerator extends the expiration date by 2 months. Keep refrigerated after opening. Do not freeze. Contains 13.7 mcg Iodine per 100 grams (daily maximum amount 150 mcg)

Use: rinse with water before use and cut the noodles to the desired length. Then ready to use,

This raw food product contains no preservatives, milk, eggs, nuts, soy, wheat, fish or shellfish

Net weight 340 g (3 servings)


FOR 100 G

Energy (kj / kcal)

24 / 6

Fat (g)


     of which saturated (g)    


Carbohydrates (g)


     of which sugars (g)


Fibers (g)


Protein (g)


Salt (g)


Kelp noodles:

# healthy, tasty, easy to prepare

# made from mineral-rich kelp

# low calories and fat free

# does not contain allergens

# free from heavy metals

# ready for use

# neutral taste

# 100% RAW

# suitable for vegans

Kelp noodles in the cooking section of the NRC

Or take a look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me0nnvZUh-c

And Sharon also has a nice recipe with kelp noodles: https://www.npo3.nl/kelp-noedels-met-cassave/13-11-2017/WO_KN_11708505 

Salade van zee groente

·         1 teentje knoflook, geperst

·         1 theelepel vers geraspte gember

·         ½ avocado, geprakt

·         naar smaak appelazijn, tamari of soja saus

·         500 gram groenten (voorjaars mix, boekweit, spinazie, sla)

·         1 ons mix van zee groenten (kelp noedels, wakame, zeespaghetti)

·         Naar smaak zout en/of peper

Pers de knoflook en doe deze met de geraspte gember in een smalle kom. Voeg de geprakte avocado en de appelazijn toe. Roer alles goed doorelkaar. Voeg daarna de groenten en de zee groenten toe aan de salsa en hussel het geheel goed door. 

Salade van kelp noedels

·         Sea Tangle Kelp noedels

·         Honingmosterd dressing

·         Dunne plakjes komkommer

·         Dunne plakjes wortel

·         Dunne plakjes appel

·         Zout, naar smaak

Voeg de ingrediënten samen en hussel ze goed doorelkaar.

Geroerbakte kelp noedels met groente

·         zakje kelp noedels

·         100 gram uien

·         100 gram tauge

·         100 gram wortelen

·         100 gram rode paprika

·         100 gram champignon

·         1 theelepel knoflook geperst

·         1 eetlepel olijfolie

·         Tamari of sojasaus naar smaak

·         Scheutje mirin of gembersiroop (of een vleugje suiker of andere suikervervanger) naar smaak

·         Vleugje zout, peper, zeewier vlokken

·         ½ kopje groente bouillon of water

Bak de knoflook in de olijfolie. Voeg de groenten toe en bak het geheel gaar. Voeg dan de gewassen kelp noodles toe, samen met de soja saus, suiker en bouillon en roer tot de noodles zacht zijn. Voeg naar smaak nog wat zout, peper en of zeewier vlokken toe

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Kelp noodels 340 g

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