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Sea Spaghetti Organic 160 g

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Organic Sea Spaghetti is healthy because of the high content of vitamins, minerals and tannins. This decorative seaweed from France has a mild taste


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Sea spaghetti or sea beans -Himanthalia Elongata - is a brown seaweed that can grow to a length of 4-6 meters. It grows at a maximum depth of 20 meters. The seaweed attaches itself to a rock with the help of a root and is accessible at low tide. It grows all year round, but for culinary use the young shoots are the most interesting because they are softer and have a milder taste.

Sea spaghetti contains a high content of minerals, such as magnesium, iron, but especially calcium, the content of which is higher than that in milk. The use is recommended for different groups who are at increased risk of deficiencies of these minerals: pregnant women, young adults, the elderly and vegetarians.

Iodine, indispensable in our diet, is present in higher concentrations in sea spaghetti than in grain products, vegetables or raw vegetables. There are certain population groups at increased risk of iodine deficiency: women who are pregnant or menopausal, and residents who live far from the sea.

The dietary fiber in sea spaghetti aids digestion and bowel movements. Vitamin C plays an important role in our immune system, the skin, and our bones / bones.

The antioxidants such as vitamin C and carotene (provitamin A) are important to reduce cardiovascular risks.

Young sea spaghetti is very thin and delicate and is very similar to the Japanese seaweed Hijiki and Arame.

ingredients: 100% seaweed Sea spaghetti (Himanthalia Elongata)

Origin: France


Drain the sea spaghetti and rinse with water. It can be used cold. Or put the spaghetti in boiling water (with balsamic vinegar) and let it boil for 2-3 minutes or fry it in the frying pan with butter or oil. The sea spaghetti goes well with meat, fish, egg and stir-fry dishes, but also cut small in salads, soups, sauces, stews, spaghetti etc ...

General: The recommended dose is about 5 grams of seaweed per day.

Advice: Sea spaghetti is NOT a pasta substitute, it is too rich and contains too many minerals. Sea spaghetti should be eaten as a side dish or base for a salad.


Store at room temperature in a dark and dry place. Once opened, store in an airtight container and consume by the "best before" date printed on the package.

The seaweed may contain traces of molluscs, crustaceans and fish and may contain small natural materials from the sea. The white color that can appear on the seaweed comes from the salt in the seaweed and ensures natural preservation.

After opening, keep refrigerated and in water and consume within 10 days.

Did you know that sea spaghetti: more facts and recipe see Extra informatie

Energy 15 Kcal / 62 KJ
Protein 0,7 g
   of which sugars
0,7 g
0 g
   of which saturated
0 g
0 g
Fibers 4,6 g
Salt 0,6 g

As a botanical name Himanthalia Elongata and in France is called sea beans.

• Grows in Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Brittany, England and Norway.

• We bring in from Brittany and Ireland.

• Can often be found on the beach in the Netherlands.

• When it has washed up it is better not to eat it.

• Grows on rocks and can be harvested between April and July.

• Not growing in the Netherlands because we have few rocks.

• Can be as long as 2.5 meters.

• When you soak or cook it, increase the amount and change the color.

• Smells of the sea and that the smell is briefly enhanced when you cook it.

• Doesn't smell like seaweed if you don't know it's seaweed.

• When you eat it raw, it is quite salty / salty and becomes soft in your mouth.

• Can also be fried and eaten as a snack.

• Nice to decorate with and because of the long strings it can be used by the regular spaghetti as a bed (nest) for your fish or goat cheese.

• Recipes can be found at www.receptenmetzeewier.nl. At www.zeewierwijzer.nl you will find all the information, such as nutritional values, about sea spaghetti and other seaweeds.

Sea spaghetti salad


#Marinoe BIO sea spaghetti

# Olive oil

# Soy sauce

# Rice vinegar

# Cucumber

# Sesame seeds.

Cook the sea spaghetti for minutes with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Mix all ingredients. Delicious on chip from the sea.


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Sea Spaghetti Organic 160 g

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