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Zeeland berryweed 15 g

Item No.: 4007

100% dried Zeeland wireweed from the Dutch Oosterschelde. Gives a strong salty, slightly peppery taste. Flavor enhancer for any dish.


Zilte Oogst Zeeland wireweed (Sargassum muticum) can be used as a seasoning for fish, salad, egg, soups and sauces. Salty seasoning of 100% seaweed in a handy grinder with a content of 15 grams. The seaweed comes from the Dutch Oosterschelde, one of the cleanest waters in Europe.

Ingredients: 100% dried Japanese wireweed (Sargassum muticum).

Zeeland wireweed may contain traces of shellfish.

Zilte Oogst wireweed is a product of Spennekot. All seaweed used in the Spennekot products come from the Oosterschelde, one of the cleanest waters in Europe. All products are completely natural and produced without the use of artificial additives. The Zilte Oogst product line adds a new dimension to Dutch cuisine: cooking with Zeeland seaweed. Also try the Zilt salt, Chutney with seaweed or Sea salt Zeeland.

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Zeeland berryweed 15 g

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