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Seaweed SPA concentrate Organic 200 ml

Item No.: 6203

Seaweed SPA in a bottle, detoxifying and Invigorating. This is a premium product of Aranessence


Seaweed SPA concentrate: Water was always considered a precious substance, essential to the survival of all living beings on the Planet.

Water washes wastes and impurities from our body, not only by drinking it but also soaking our skin in it. Warm water stores a caloric energy which gives relief to muscle pain, due to its thermodynamic properties. Cold water acts as a coolant when the body experiences excessive heat, inflammation and fever. However, it is the seawater that can be considered the most powerful cure on the planet.

The ancient Greeks believed in the healing power of Sea water and related sea therapies. Plato stated that the Sea cures all ailments of man, Cato the Elder used to serve his slaves a mix of wine and seawater to restore their energy, Hippocrates, Euripides and Aristoteles recommended hot seawater baths to wash away “all men illnesses”. The Seawater cures are still identified with the Greek word “Thalassotherapy”, which means “Therapy with Seawater”. This is not such a discovery for most of us, as we have all experienced the health benefits of swimming in the sea or breathing the marine air.

Moreover, we must remember that the planet life evolved out of the oceans, therefore, swimming in seawater can be considered as the need of our body to return to our primary source of life.

It was only at the beginning of the 20th Century that a French biologist, Rene Quinton, decided to carry out a full chemical analysis of the seawater. He found out that it contains more than 100 minerals and the same trace elements of the human plasma.

Seaweed is the form of marine plant life that grows and adsorbs all the beneficial compounds of the seawater, therefore, there is no better Thalassotherapy (in the real sense of the word) than bathing in hot seawater with seaweed.

We can experience the healing power of a real Seaweed Bath in the few Victorian resorts still operating along the West Atlantic Coast of Ireland, however, it is difficult to recreate the same conditions at home, where we can’t get freshly harvested seaweed nor fill the tub with salt water.

For this reason, we decided to create a Seaweed extract in seawater concentrate, obtained through our special Ultrasound system. 

After a few months of trials, we obtained this “Seaweed Spa in a Bottle” ready to add to the bathtub, for transforming the fresh water into a recreated Ocean and Seaweed relaxing bath at home. 



Add 2 cups of Concentrate to the Bath Water and enjoy the warm hug of the recreated Ocean while relaxing at home. In alternative, pour a few drops on a loofah glove for an exfoliating and detoxing massage.

iNCI 100% organic

Aran Sea water**, Algae Laminaria digitata* (Kelp), Algae Fucus serratus*, Mimosa Tenuiflora Leaf extract, Santalum spicata Wood Oil*,


**Wild Ingredient

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Seaweed SPA concentrate Organic 200 ml

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