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Egg pasta with algae 250 g

Item No.: 1401

Delicious colorful pasta based on free-range eggs. With algae added.


Egg pasta with algae. To bring the egg to the attention in a different way, Aalshof makes fresh EGG pasta. Unlike the common pastas, this pasta is made from wheat flour and free-range eggs instead of wheat flour and water. An excellent basis for all your dishes. (See also recipe)

The rise of Algae!

Everyone loves the algae, a friendly-looking green plant that is abundant in nature and has a lot of good properties. Algae can be grown quickly and sustainably. All you need is a container with water, some sunlight and some minerals. This saltwater algae is grown in basins in a greenhouse in the Dutch province of Flevoland. Salt water is extracted from the deep strata of the Pleistocene period. After the algae have completely filled the basin, they are separated from the water using a centrifuge. After further drying, Aalshof gets the raw material for the pasta.

In the pasta, algae give something extra. Due to the salty taste and the composition, one can speak of an Umami taste; it enhances the flavor of the product to which it is added. Due to the unique composition of the product, it is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Furthermore, the algae contain high-quality proteins, antioxidants and vitamins and fit perfectly in a healthy meal without negative side effects. Algae pasta combined with a tasty fish provides a taste sensation that evokes the feeling of a wonderfully serene day by the sea.

Ingredients: WHEAT flour, free-range EGG (10%), and algae (2%).

* Would you like to stay in a 'Straw hotel', please take a look at www.aalshof.nl

Egg paste Algae of durum wheat, 10% egg

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Energy                                                                      1521 kJ/359 kcal

Fat                                                                             2,3 gr

of which saturated fatty acids                                     0,8 gr

Carbohydrates                                                           70,0 gr

of which                                                                      0,6 gr

Fibers                                                                         3,1 gr

Proteins                                                                     13,0 gr

Salt                                                                             0,06 gr

Recept: Coquilles Saint-Jaques op algenpasta & kreeftensaus met kerrie*

Benodigdheden voor 4 personen:

8 coquilles, 2 dl kreeftenjus, kerriepoeder, klontje boter, olijfolie, 2 sjalotjes, 0,5 dl room, 50 gram winterpostelein, 1 grote winterpeen, 200 gram droge algenpasta, 1 romanesco


Fruit een in blokjes gesneden sjalotje aan en myoteer de kerrie in de boter. Blus af met de kreeftenjus, breng aan de kook en reduceer het geheel. Monteer de jus met wat room.

Kruid de coquilles met zout en peper en bak ze krokant aan beide kanten in geklaarde boter met olie.

Breng 2 liter groentebouillon aan de kook en kook de algenpasta al dente. Giet de algenpasta af en meng met olijfolie. 

Snij de winterpeen in spaghetti reepjes en blancheer.

Blancheer de romanesco in roosjes net aan gaar en koel terug in ijswater.

Verwarm de gebakken coquilles kort in een oven van 140 graden. Verwarm de romanesco roosjes en de spaghetti met gesmolten boter en verwarm de saus, niet meer koken. Maak het bord op, eerst de algenpasta met de groenten dan de coquilles met de saus en als laatste de winterpostelein.

* informatie op www.desmaakbeleving.nl

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