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This website is intended as a reference, not as a medical reference work. The information given here has been compiled from a variety of sources, including modern medical research, herbal medicine, nutritional guidelines, naturopathy and homeopathy. The text is written as an informative manual and does not replace doctor's advice. If you feel ill or have been diagnosed with an illness, always consult a (holistic) physician who is familiar with the importance of nutrition in the healing process before following the recommendations of this website.

The information shown on this website is composed with great care and accuracy by Your Well. However, it is possible that information published on the site is incomplete and / or incorrect. World of Seaweed cannot be held responsible for this. The information on the site is regularly supplemented and / or adapted. World of Seaweed excludes all liability for any direct or indirect damage, of whatever nature, arising from or in any way related to the website and the information shown therein. World of Seaweed only has the objective to inform interested parties about the possibilities that food and / or food supplements and care products in the broadest sense of the word can contribute to the maintenance of good health and / or the recovery thereof.


Food allergies: Seaweed is generally not a source of food allergies. If you're allergic to shellfish and fish, it doesn't mean you should avoid seaweed because of the iodine content. According to scientific studies, it is mainly the protein and not the iodine in shellfish that causes an allergic reaction.

Sensitivity to iodine: If you belong to the very small group of people who are sensitive to iodine, it is better to avoid consuming seaweed with a high iodine content, such as kelp, kombu and sea spaghetti. Other seaweeds, such as nori, contain significantly less iodine.

Digestive Disorders: People with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn's disease should exercise caution with seaweed.

Other medical conditions: People with severe high blood pressure, kidney disease or heart failure should consult their doctor before consuming larger amounts of seaweed.

It is not allowed to reproduce the site other than by downloading and viewing it on a single computer, and / or printing a single hard copy for personal use. Without the prior written permission of Wereld van Zeewier it is not permitted to reproduce this site in any other way, to forward it or to make it available on a network.

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