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Dear website visitor,

In these uncertain times we empathize with all who are confronted, physically, mentally and / or materially, with the consequences of the COVID-19 virus.

With seaweed, the natural and sustainable source of nutrition, health and care, we want to contribute to your well-being, even during this difficult period. World of Seaweed is grateful that it can assist with its wide range.

First of all, seaweed has a beneficial effect and that is why we mention 3 important properties of seaweed, which you can easily apply in everyday kitchen:

You can cleanse (detox) your body with it.
It simultaneously provides your body with beautiful vitamins and minerals. The body can absorb vitamins and minerals from seaweed.
It can boost the immune system.

We think it is important to provide you with high quality seaweed and samphire. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@wereldvanzeewier.nl

We wish you all the best,

Team World of Seaweed

Welcome to World of Seaweed

the webshop with the largest range of products

based on (European) seaweed

For nutrition, body care and health.

Well-known seaweeds are in the kitchen

kombu, sea lettuce, dulse, wakame, nori, sea spaghetti, irish moss and agar agar

Seaweed for snacking, as a salt substitute, side dish or

seasoning in the daily kitchen

Seaweed has all the properties we are looking for in a healthy diet

Seaweed as a whole, in flakes, ground or powder

Seaweed as a dietary supplement and seaweed for hair and skin

New products and offers every month

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