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Seaweed is:

  • Tasty & All-round
  • Healthy & Responsible
  • Sustainable & Natural

With a wide range of high-quality seaweed products, preferably from Europe, and good information is our aim: Everyone some seaweed every day!


The benefits of seaweed

Tasty & All-round

Many chefs like to work with seaweed because of its umami taste, also known as the "5th taste". This opens up many possibilities in the kitchen. And so the multitude of types of seaweed can also provide a lot of variation. Incidentally, not only in food, but also in skin or plant care.

Healthy & Responsible

Seaweed is used daily in every household in the Far East. It is perhaps partly because of this that most people there live healthier and longer, because seaweed contains a very wide range of nutrients, more than any other land vegetable. Seaweed fits, also due to the often high protein content, in a responsible way into current lifestyles such as plant-based, paleo and vegetarian

Sustainable & Natural

Our seaweeds, mostly organic, wild harvested or cultivated  come mainly from Europe, where they grow without using land or fresh water. They are processed in a sustainable and well-controlled manner. Unlike land vegetables, seaweed grows naturally and nothing is added to it. Pure nature!

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Omschrijving van de afbeelding

Frequently asked questions

How can I use seaweed?

Ask for our instruction brochure!
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How is the quality of the seaweed guaranteed?

All our suppliers are professional certified companies. Our quality guarantee: Not good? Money Back!

What can I use seaweed for in my daily life?

You use weed for your nutrition, health, skin and plant care.

About World of Seaweed

At World of Seaweed we believe that seaweed contributes in many ways to the well-being of people and their environment. It is the source of and for life on earth. Seaweed is natural, sustainable, can be used in many ways, healthy and delicious! As a specialist web store, we have been propagating this message for more than 10 years. We do this in combination with the sale of accessible, innovative, especially organic and European seaweed products, supported by good information. As THE specialist in the field of seaweed, the World of Seaweed aims at a wide availability of seaweed for the consumer

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