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Seaweed field guide

Item No.: 2021

Seaweed field guide

More than 130 species | elaborate descriptions | field characteristics 


Seaweed is a very diverse group of organisms.

They are central to the base of marine ecology and are a dominant aspect of the Dutch coast.

This field guide contains more than 130 different species of seaweed, differentiating between green, red and brown weeds.

The seaweeds shown in this field guide are all easily recognisable by magnifier or even the naked eye.

This guide will describe characteristics, differences between similar species, habitat, how seasons effect seaweed and lastly its dispersion along the coastlines.

Underwater sightings, time zones and beach sightings are made possible by its plethora of detailed pictures.

Information about optimal sites for finding seweed are covered in the guide as well.

In short, all the material and information you'd need to get started.

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Seaweed field guide

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