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Spicy Salty Liquorice (with seaweed) 200 g

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The best dutch liquorice ever, with seaweed!

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Seaweed in liquorice:

When you say you make the best liquorice ever (and, if that's not clear yet: that's what we say at Klepper & Klepper), you sometimes have to take steps that have never been made before. Taking risks that have not been taken before. Coming up with ideas that no one has thought of yet. And make choices that will make others think you don't have them all in one place. You have to be able to deal with that. When you say you make the best liquorice ever, you have to accept that you won't always be understood.

But with the creation of the Best Spicy Salty Liquorice ever, Klepper & Klepper decided to take a slightly different approach. Now you will say: but surely there are more spicy salty licorice on this globe? And that's right, but none of those liquorice is spicy salty because of the ingredient that makes the Best Spicy Salty Liquorice ever spicy salty... SEAWEED.

Yes, you read that right. The Best Spicy Salty Liquorice Ever is so deliciously spicy salt, because it contains seaweed. How did that happen? That's how it came to be.

Looking for the taste "umami":

One fine day, Klepper Jr. eat at the Japanese. And Japanese, you may know, have a name for the fifth basic taste. It's a taste that can't be called sweet, but it's not salty either. He's really hard to describe. Fortunately, the Japanese have come up with a word for it. It is a taste that, when you taste it, actually provides immediate satisfaction: umami.

The word umami literally means delicious taste. In 1908, the Japanese chemist Kikune Kikeda proved that there is a fifth basic taste in addition to sweet, sour, salty and bitter. The umami flavor is found in a substance called glutamate. Umami increases salivation and enhances salty and sweet flavors. For example, it can be found in mature cheese, mushrooms, ketchup and… seaweed.

The wonder stuff called seaweed:

A liquorice with seaweed. That sounds so insane it might actually work. Moreover, seaweed not only has an umami taste, it also has a delicious, salty taste. Which is further turned on by umami. If you put that in liquorice, Klepper Sr. reasoned, it could produce a very nice, spicy salty liquorice.

Apart from the delicious spicy salty umami taste, seaweed also has other nice properties. It is a good source of iron and protein. And it is packed with minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium and iodine. Not that you notice anything if you eat a liquorice (the amounts are too small for that), but the idea alone makes you feel healthier.

Vegan en gluten free.

Average nutritional value per 100 grams:

Energy:   1330 kJ / 315 kcal

Fat:   < 0,5 g

   of which saturated:   < 0,1 g

Carbohydrates:   76 g

   of which sugar:   54 g

Protein:   1,5 g

Salt:   5,5 g

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Spicy Salty Liquorice (with seaweed) 200 g

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