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Seaweed introductory pack 10 pc

Item No.: 2018

Introductory package seaweed with 10 seaweed products in a gift box. Nice to get acquainted with seaweed or as an original gift.

40,80 35,00 You Save: 14%

A nice deal to get acquainted with different seaweed products. The seaweed introduction package composition may vary slightly due to product availability:

Seaweed tartare BIO 90 g

Sea chips 75 g

Sea salt Zeeland 95 g

Egg pasta with algae 250 g

Wakame flakes 35 g

Seaweed bacon (dulse) BIO 30 g

Nori snacks with olive oil 10 g

Mayonnaise with seaweed 280 ml

3-Seaweed mix BIO 25 g

Seaweed wraps 4 pieces

Including leaflets

Package composition may vary slightly due to product availability.

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Seaweed introductory pack 10 pc

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