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Organic Quinoa Tricolore with Seaweed 400 g

Item No.: 1421

Organic alternative to rice, bulgur or couscous with seaweed. Also delicious in a salad. Gluten free.

What is quinoa? (Pronounced keen-wah)

It looks like couscous, is as versatile as rice, but has a richer, nutty flavor: quinoa. Also called the miracle grain. Quinoa is packed with vitamins and minerals, is rich in iron and magnesium, contains more protein than wheat, rice or potato and is also gluten-free. A great alternative to muesli, rice or pasta, and the preparation method is just as simple. Quinoa is also ideally suited for a delicious fresh salad. Quinoa salad can be made as a side dish, for example, but it is also delicious as a meal on hot summer days.


Quinoa white* 46%, quinoa red* 26%, quinoa black* 26%, kelp* (kombu) 2%.

* = of biological origin.

NOTE: May contain traces of crustaceans, fish, peanuts (groundnuts), nuts, sesame seeds, molluscs.

General Nutritional Values ​​per 100 g:

Energy:                      1578 kJ / 377 kcal

Fats:                                             5.7 g

of which saturated:                        0 g

Carbohydrates:                                   65 g

of which saturated:                   0.99 g

Fibers:                                            6.3 g

Protein:                                           14 g

Salt:                                             0.12 g

Iodine:                                     8660 µg
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Organic Quinoa Tricolore with Seaweed 400 g

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