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Celtic sea salt 70 g

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Unrefined, mineral-rich coarse Celtic dried sea salt from Guerande (France) in a handy grinder.

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“There must be something mysteriously sacred about salt. It is in our tears and in the sea.”
– Khalil Gibran, Lebanese-American poet

Sel gris, gray Celtic sea salt, is extracted by hand in the salt marshes of Guérande (Brittany, France).

The salt is natural, unrefined, mineral-rich (including magnesium, calcium and iron) and dried * for use in a handy salt mill.

It is dried at a low temperature, leaving the composition of the salt intact. The difference with moist sea salt is therefore only the percentage of moisture (approx. 4% compared to 6 to 7% for the moist sea salt).


This very mineral-rich Celtic coarse sea salt is a seasoning for many dishes. Delicious as a marinade for fish, for example. As a salt water solution it is ideal as an additional mineral boost. (sole).

Sel gris is not only suitable for human consumption. Animals also benefit from extra minerals by adding this table salt to feed or drinking water. Or use it as fertilizer for house or garden plants or to mineralize the soil. Sel gris can even be used as toothpaste or in a foot bath.

This refillable grinder is only suitable for grinding dried, coarse Celtic sea salt. 

Ingredients: 100% sea salt.

Content: 80 grams.

More and more people are talking about Celtic sea salt. But what exactly is that and how does it differ from ordinary sea salt?

2000 years of craftsmanship

In Guérande (France) are still the salt marshes created by the Celts. They allowed seawater to flow in through an ingenious system of channels, guiding the salt from one shallow basin to another. The entire process took about two weeks, after which the salt in the last basin was dried by the sun and scooped up manually. Today in Guérande salt is still extracted in exactly the same way as the Celts did more than 2000 years ago. The absorption of minerals from the clay of the soils of the salt marshes gives the salt its light gray colour. The interaction between clay and seawater not only provides purification, but also provides space for various minerals and trace elements and ensures a decrease in sodium chloride content to below 90% (approx. 33% sodium and approx. 54% chloride). With common sea salt, the sodium chloride content is 97 to 99%. This makes the taste and mouthfeel of Celtic sea salt creamy soft and incomparable with other (sea) salt.

Traditional, honest and pure nature!

Manually and traditionally won
Creamy soft taste
Sun-dried, unprocessed and without additives
Naturally pure and mineral rich
Less sodium than regular sea salt
Celtic sea salt fits into a biological and conscious life and has already been advised by many nutritionists and therapists.

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Celtic sea salt 70 g

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