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Celtic seaweed salt 55 g

Item No.: 3033

Unrefined, mineral-rich coarse Celtic dried sea salt from Guerande (France) with seaweed

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Savory mix of Celtic sea salt from Guerande with organic seaweed from Brittany (dulse, sea lettuce, nori). Rich in color, taste and fragrance. This 100% natural seasoning is delicious with fish dishes and comes in a handy salt grinder.

Seaweed contains many valuable vitamins and minerals, vegetable proteins and fiber. It is also an important source of iodine. As a result, seaweed has a highly detoxifying effect. Organic certification ensures strict conditions at harvest. The seaweed is regularly tested for heavy metals and other unwanted contaminants and is dried at a low temperature, leaving the valuable composition intact.

The salt mill has two grinding settings: coarse and fine. By default, the grain is set to fine, but by pulling up the grinder, it is possible to obtain a larger grain.


This very mineral-rich Celtic coarse sea salt with organic seaweed is a seasoning for many dishes. Delicious over lettuce, sauces, egg, potatoes and vegetables, but also as a marinade for fish, for example. As a salt water solution it is an ideal mineral booster.

Sel gris, gray salt, is not only suitable for human consumption. Animals also benefit from extra minerals by adding this table salt to feed or drinking water. Or use it as fertilizer for house or garden plants or to mineralize the soil. Sel gris is even used as a toothpaste.

Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place. Once opened, store in an airtight container and consume before the ‘best before’ date on the packaging.

Allergens: May contain traces of shellfish

Ingredients: Sea salt (90%), dried seaweed * (10% dulse / Palmaria palmata, sea lettuce / Ulva sp., Nori / Porphyra sp.) * Obtained from organic farming

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Celtic seaweed salt 55 g

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