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Coarse Celtic sea salt 2,5 kg

Item No.: 1304

Unrefined, mineral-rich coarse Celtic sea salt from Guerande (France). Note: Not suitable for refill in salt mill.


The gray Celtic sea salt is extracted by hand in the salt marshes of Guérande (Brittany, France).

The salt is natural, unrefined, mineral-rich (including magnesium, calcium and iron). It is moist sea salt (about 6 to 7% moisture)


This very mineral-rich Celtic coarse sea salt is a seasoning for many dishes. Delicious as a marinade for fish, for example. Ideal as a salt water solution (a 'sole', see further down) to drink as an additional mineral boost. Not suitable to use as refill in the salt grinder.

Sel gris is not only suitable for human consumption. Animals also benefit from extra minerals by adding this table salt to feed or drinking water. Or use it as fertilizer for house or garden plants or to mineralize the soil. Sel gris is even used as a toothpaste.

Ingredients: 100% sea salt.

What is a Sole?

A Sole is a mineral-rich salt water. Drinking a “Sole” gives your body many minerals that have a beneficial effect.

Making a sole is very easy. Fill a small glass jar with 1/3 coarse Celtic sea salt and 2/3 (spring) water. Shake the mixture and store it in a dark and cool place. Add a teaspoon of the Sole to a glass of water daily. The Sole will have a stimulating effect and will also facilitate digestion when taken before breakfast.

Sea salt in the bath

Celtic sea salt also works well in the bath. It is a real sea experience in which the many minerals in the sea salt have a health-promoting effect and also have a powerful effect on irritated skin. Put about 300 grams of coarse Celtic sea salt in a bath, or about 100 grams in a foot bath.

Celtic salt is a type of sea salt that originally became popular in France. It has a grayish color and also contains some water (6-7%), making it quite moist.. It offers trace amounts of minerals and contains less sodium than plain table salt.

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Coarse Celtic sea salt 2,5 kg

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